Our Fourth Online Worship Gathering

Dear Church Family,

I hope each of you is well and practicing good social distancing habits. The passing days have brought greater knowledge of COVID-19, which has led national and state authorities to issue tighter guidelines related to acceptable ways for people to gather. Limiting human interaction has significant social and economic consequences that will reverberate long after this crisis is over.

It is critical that the members of Harmony Baptist Church (HBC) stay engaged with each other and the life of our church. The technology God has graciously provided allows us a means of connection and ministry. None of it is ideal, but it is a gracious gift during these extraordinary days.

This Sunday will mark our fourth online worship gathering. We are entering a period where the temptation to embrace a lull and a sense of depression will come, if it has not already. The void created by the absence of each other is real and it is a valley God will have us journey through (Romans 1:11-12). I do not know all that God is doing through this crisis; no one can know the secret things God keeps to himself. However, I am convinced that he is reminding his church what sets her apart and what her objective is to be: a people who love Jesus, have a heart for God, and care for people. The most caring thing we can do is share the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

My prayer for HBC is that we come up out of this valley more committed to Christ, sharing the gospel, and being light in a dark place. Our world is a wilderness. We do live in jeopardy, but we do so with God the Holy Spirit as our Helper. He is the cloud and the fire that leads us day and night through the wilderness (Exodus 13; 1 Corinthians 10).

Stay in contact with one another, pray for your church, your pastor, and leadership—we need them! Give faithfully from the resources God has provided, and most importantly ask God to prepare us for the days ahead, that he may come and dwell in our midst and move like he has not in this generation.

Grace and peace,
Bro. Keith

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